About me

I am professional and certified badminton coach (DBF 3, EBU 1, DIF). I have been always looking for what to improve and during the last years, I specialized more and more into strength and conditioning and mental coaching. I realized, that if I want to work with World top class players, I have to be able to deliver the very best possible and I have to brodden my knowledge out of badminton as well.

I believe in team work. I believe that each badminton session has to be "special" and something worth waking up in 5 o'clock in the morning. I love working in systemized approach, with perfect planning and periodization.

I am still looking for how to develop myself as coach, however I decided that I can also share what I know provoked by a friend of mine.
I will never be where I am, without the help and recognition of great coaches and teachers like Kenneth Larsen (DEN), Claus Poulsen (DEN), Kim Lynge (DEN).

My vision is divided in 2 directions: working and building World Top Players and delivering systemized development approach in all level.