This is a topic of coaching philosophy. This is a topic of creating long lasting development environment. It is about creating the future of whole country and future generations.

Have you ever wonder what does it look like a day in the hall from a physiological background point of view? Or maybe you are interested to find out how to observe and calculate a training load for your players and you have decided to "take a look" at them during their last tournament.

I mentioned in a previous post that it is time to develop a new dimensional analysis. I decided to take it a step further and not only observe the parameters related with the complete dimensions of the game, but also compare many relevant parameters between the players performing the game.

This week during one of my trainings I got very interesting question from an elite youth player from Germany – Stefan, why would we have to train most of the times at this intensity? 

In Optimization of a trainings 1, I share some general ideas of what is important in my eyes for optimizing a training session. Now I would like to go to a lot more details and discuss some of the very important topics considered especially for Elite Badminton Players (age of U17 and up).

"Anything is possible" and "Impossible is nothing"are two slogans of two big companies in the sport World. I am not going to talk about this Companies, but about those slogans.

A simple video with Victor Axelsen came up few days ago - The Grind (rise and smash). 

Many of us as coaches always look for a better optimization of every part of the training in a way, so we can create more efficient and successful training for us and our athletes. Here is what I normally do: 

Badminton is complex, comprehensive sport which requires a lot of different qualities if you want to become a top badminton athlete. Those different qualities hopefully will allow you to obtain the required skills necessary to achieve the desired success. However even if you personally poses all required qualities, you will become as good as the coaches you have and you will be limited if your coaches are limited in any way.