IT & Software

So you can fully support your Organisation. Or yourself as a Coach or a Player.

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For Athletes

As a player, you need something that can help you become better. In every aspect. Something that can help you with your studies, daily life as well as with your professional sports life. 

In this section, I take a closer look over many different software options which could help you with all of this and more. 

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For Coaches

If a software makes the job of a coach more complicated then it is a wrong choice. The biggest question which lies in front of all coaches is: which software actually works and benefits me without making my life a nightmare?

In this section, I will take a deep dive into a series of software and IT solutions which could be very beneficial from a purely professional point of view as well as personal life. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

For Organisations

Many organisations in the non-professional sport World are still working without any kind of collaboration, communication or business software. 

In this section, I look into a vast number of IT solutions and services as well as Software platforms and Solutions which could actually help in every single area of the daily work of any Organisation. 

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